Putting Together the Most Effective Tips for Weight Loss

Dr Oz has been running his show for several years now and has offered thousands of tips for effective weight loss in the form of diet plans, tips and plain common sense. To save having to wade through hours of doctor Oz episodes I have put together some of his most popular tips enabling you to get the best results with the minimum amount of research.


weightlosstipsThe biggest obstacle to sustainable weight loss according to Dr Oz is motivation. As you know it’s great to decide to go on a diet and you get all enthusiastic about it but after a while the strict regime of most diets results in repetitive meals and feelings of frustration. The best way to motivate yourself to do this is by implementing a series of lifestyle changes to the way you eat, shop and exercise in order to create healthier habits that will bring about gradual weight loss and keep it off for good.


The best place to start your new lifestyle is with the source of your food. Analyzing what you buy and instigating a few simple rules will make big differences in your diet. The first thing to do is to read the labels on the products that you buy to see how much saturated fat and sugar they contain. Dr Oz’s recommendation is not to buy anything with more than 4 grams of either, this includes fat free foods that are high in sugar. As a part of this try and remove products from your shopping that include artificial ingredients

Ensure your shopping cart contains a lot of fruits and vegetables as having them around the fridge and counters of your kitchen will naturally encourage you to eat more of them. Making simple purchase changes such as buying olive oil and vinegar instead of pre prepared salad dressings will also cut down the calories when making a salad.

Eating Habits

Instead of restricting your meals like a lot of diets suggest, Dr Oz instead recommends a different approach by going against what your mother probably told you as a child, to not eat before meals as it will spoil your dinner. Instead spoil each meal slightly by eating a 100 calorie snack such as a handful of nuts or some fruit half an hour before you plan to eat. This will start reducing your Ghrelin levels, the hormone in your body that tells you when you are hungry, before you start eating a meal meaning you will feel full faster.


Dr Oz maintains that there are only four things that you need to each week in order to achieve effective weight loss. These are to walk continuously for thirty minutes each day, lift weights for the same time each week, sweat for an hour a week doing something active and finally ensure to stretch before any exercise. 

Putting these things into your regular routine will not be very difficult and will show a significant change in your overall health and weight over a relatively short time. 

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